Welcome! My name is Gentle, I am a junior at NYU, and here is a portfolio site! This site contains all completed assignments in the Introduction to Web Design and Computer Principles course offered at New York University during the Fall 2020 COVID-19 Semester.

The syllabus states: there are two primary aspects to this course.

    The first is learning how to build websites and prepare the various elements that comprise them.
    The second is understanding concepts behind computers in general and the Web in particular.

Lecture Topics included:

    Unix command line
    Web graphics
    Design and accessibility
    Web page layout
    Responsive design
    Interactivity with JavaScript
    Web forms
    Web audio and video
    Web hosting and domain names

HyperLinked Below are 5 websites with their respective web pages demonstrating my knowelge aquired in this course! Please enjoy!

Direct all inquires below!

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